Portland Ten’s goal is to build ten new $1MM (in revenue) tech startups in Portland by October 2010. We run a 12-week bootcamp that trains founders to build and manage a company at the $1MM/revenue/year (or more) level.

Over a 3-month intensive bootcamp, and 15-month follow-up tracking, we provide brutally honest 3rd party perspective and accountability both in peer and 1-on-1 mentoring settings. Founders increase their ability to plan and execute milestones, and internalize and apply best practices from venture capital, bootstrapping, and project management methodologies.

We are currently finishing our pilot session which ends May 22. Learn about our founders, read our blog, or follow us on Twitter for more info.

Community Initiatives

As part of our 18 month initiative to strengthen the Portland startup and seed funding communities, we are also involved in a variety of local projects that support the following efforts:

1. Practical education regarding startup funding.

2. Increase interaction between angels/VCs and all levels of startups.

3. Blogging from the angel/VC community regarding:

  • New investments & recently closed rounds
  • Introduce local institutional funds & investors to the community
  • The local funding environment

4. Bring the three communities of geeks, investors, and entrepreneurs together more often.

5. Support collaboration between those working on local incubation/seed funding initiatives.