Every quarter, we provide a structured mentoring experience to a select group of founders. Through our $1MM in 18 months bootcamp, founders are able to take their projects up a notch by learning & applying best practices of venture capital, bootstrapping, and project management methodologies.

What we have found is that the entrepreneurs who participate in the program are able to kick start the team’s focus, use the resources they have to the absolute maximum, connect into a larger pool of contacts, talent, and resources, accelerate the development of their products, better understand how to launch into a particular market, and significantly increase their ability and results in generating revenue.

For a more specific look at the program, please review the presentation below.

How to Apply

Please submit an application at http://www.portlandten.com/apply. We will follow up with you by email with further information and to schedule an interview.

For More Info:

Twitter: www.twitter.com/portlandten
Website: www.portlandten.com
Email: cduncan@portlandten.com