The Founders’ Guide is Portland Ten’s directory of services, events, and support resources for entrepreneurs and small businesses in the Portland community. This a free publication Portland Ten produces three times annually. We encourage you to use this resource and share it with your associates.

Portland Ten was joined for the January 25-April 18 session by our new Community Sponsors, including the Olsen Group, Davis, Wright, Tremaine, Perkins & Company, Silicon Valley Bank, Stephenson Group, Amy Winkelman Consulting, and Jim McConnell, CFO.

Community Sponsors make financial and/or in-kind contributions to Portland Ten’s Perpetual Entrepreneurship Fund and offer Skill Development workshops in sales, legal, accounting, debt finance, public relations, product management, financial forecasting, and more.

We’d like to thank our Winter 2010 community sponsors who have provided valuable support for our Skill Development Workshops, the Founder’s Guide, and all Portland Ten programs. If you are interested in getting involved as a Sponsor, please contact Nick Cottle at

Skill Development Schedule & Topics

Our 24 Skill Development workshops are held at Willamette University’s Portland Center, 1120 NW Couch Street, Suite 450, Portland, Oregon 97209.

Classes run June 7-August 27, 2010, on Tuesdays 3-5 pm pm and Fridays 5-7 pm– a full schedule of workshops & topics will be available on June 7.


  • 1 Workshop Pass: $20
  • 3 Workshops: $50
  • Unlimited Winter 2010 Pass (up to 24 sessions): $200


Upgrade: if you purchase a pass and would like to upgrade to another package, we’ll pro-rate it and you’ll pay only the difference between the passes.

Portland Ten & Six Week Sprint: current participants attend free.

Community Track: 2 sessions/month are included in your membership.