The Marathon is an invite-only, twelve week program, which offers a fast-paced peer mentoring experience to build fundamental business skills.

Participants in the Marathon experience an accountability structure in which founders and small business leaders apply best practices of financial management, sales, and project management, to successfully accelerate revenue.

Fall Session

Oct- Dec 2011

Individual Advising & Peer Mentoring

  • Initial Team Evaluation
  • 12 Weekly Advisor Check-Ins
  • 12 Weekly Founder Groups Access to Peer Mailing List

Weekly Structure/Accountability

  • CEO Meeting
  • Weekly Update
  • Metrics Board

Individual Participant Cost

  • Program fees for the Marathon are $3,750.

What Participants Say

"We consider the experience and guidance from the Portland Ten to be an invaluable asset to our growing start-up. Through the exercises, their experience, founders groups and private checkups, we have honed our business procedures, product pricing, and go to market strategies while increasing our pre-sales for our upcoming product, ShopIgniter.

Coming from a technology background, P10 has helped me dive into the realm of a business development founder and has become paramount to our strategy to become a million dollar company at or before the end of next year. As any start-up founder can tell you, getting the right advice on your company is almost impossible, as is exploring the world of angel and venture capital investment.

With P10, we were able to use the knowledge and experience of Portland Ten staff to bridge that enormous gap and help us generate buzz around what we are doing. I highly recommend any new business to try to get into the Marathon, you will be glad you did."

-Alan Wizemann, ShopIgniter

"We’re only halfway through our 12-week session, but Portland Ten is already helping put my business back on track — a track I didn’t even realize we had left. Portland Ten staff are relentlessly honest and back up that honesty with insightfulness, experience and smarts. The program isn’t for the faint of heart, but for an entrepreneur who is ready to learn the tough lessons about what it takes to succeed, it’s the best deal in town."

-Steve Woodward, Nozzl Real Time Technologies

"Portland Ten is a group focused on razor sharp honesty. You call them reasons and learn that they are excuses. You call them obstacles and learn that they are your own fears. You call them gold and learn that they are just really horrible, horrible ideas.

It’s hard and often painful, but so is starting a company and I’d rather take the hard knocks in a room full of peers than one full of angry investors who learned too late that there’s no market for my product. When I started Portland Ten, I had a vague idea. By the end of Portland Ten, I had the foundations of a strong company, and a month later I have a co-founder, waiting clients, and am in full development. We’re bootstrapping with strong revenue-driven goals and a no-nonsense attitude, and funding is now a choice, instead of a requirement."

-John Metta, Hydrasi