The Sprint is an open-enrollment, six week program, which offers a fast-paced peer mentoring experience to build fundamental business skills.
Participants in the Sprint experience an accountability structure in which founders and small business leaders apply best practices of financial management, sales, and project management, to successfully accelerate revenue.
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Fall Sessions
Sprint 1- Sept/Oct 2011
Sprint 2- Oct/Nov 2011
Individual Advising & Peer Group
Initial Team Evaluation
6 Weekly Advisor Check-Ins
6 Weekly Founder Groups
Access to Peer Mailing List
Weekly Structure/Accountability
CEO Meeting
Weekly Update
Metrics Board
Individual Participant Cost
Program fees for the Six Week Sprint are $1,500.
What Participants Say
"The Portland Ten Six Week Sprint is perfect for any business owner who is overwhelmed, losing focus, or simply wants to increase revenue. As an entrepreneur starting a new business, I didn’t know where to start or what to spend my time on. This program has quickly given me the structure I need to launch, sell, and market this new business."
-Kate Walling,
"As a newer business owner, I have found Portland Ten’s Six Week Sprint to be very valuable in building my business. I have made many contacts and leads that I would not have otherwise made without the program. It has been great to be a part of a supportive group that is invested in your success and is eager to help.
"During our individual weekly meetings, Portland Ten staff challenged me to become more successful in my marketing efforts and has filled in the gaps where my skills were lacking. I would recommend Portland Ten’s Six Week Sprint to any new entrepreneurs who would like fresh perspective, feedback, and assistance in generating more revenue."
-Mandi Ellefson, Cocoon Design